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Given the deplorable state of our country and culture today, the following link gives an excellent discussion of how totalitarianism manages to take over society.  We are witnessing much of this in the United States,

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Recently I made reference to problems within the SBC and why we must be committed as a church to the authority of Scripture first and foremost, and not the SBC. Here is an informative video that goes into the reasons for my concerns.

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Brief of AMicus Curiae; Dr. Paul R. Mcugh, M.D.

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What follows is a link to the Brief of Amicus Curiae, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, in which he presents an excellent medical discussion of the dangers of the gender identity movement and its ideological actions that go contrary to medical science and common sense.

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The transgender movement in our culture has created substantial problems for young adults who are struggling with their gender identity, unfortunately due to incredible misinformation.  Tucker Carlson interviewed a young woman who went the transgender route and came to regret it.  This is a very informative interview that all parents need to watch so as to be better informed concerning the falsehoods being promoted by those who are promoting gender and aberrant sexual ideas contrary to biblical truth common sense, and good science.  The link to the interview is: <bottom



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Hillsdale College Online Courses

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Hillsdale College is an outstanding conservative college that offers a good number of free online lectures.  Given the chaos that exists today concerning government, rights, constitutionalism, social issues, etc., I want to encourage you to go to the Hillsdale College website and look over what they have to offer and avail yourself of an excellent learning opportunity.  

Google Hillsdale College, then click on the tab "Online Course."

Once you get to the Hillsdale web page, the menu bar at the top of the Hillsdale page will have several options.  Click on "Online Courses," and once the page appears, scroll through the many course offerings and select one that interests you.



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Difference Between Democracy and a Republic

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Facing COVID-19 Without Fear

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As many of you know, I have been extremely skeptical of the whole COVID-19 situation and have encouraged many to investigate for themselves the alternative opinions that have been presented by innumerable medical professionals and others with scientific backgrounds in virology and other areas relevant to disease research.  I do not believe the mainstream media is in any way a reliable source for accurate information on COVID-19, alleged death statistics from it, or other so-called "facts" that are reported daily.  Creating a crisis is a very effective means by which the government can usurp our rights and empower itself to the point of becoming tyrannical.  That is what we are experiencing now in our society.  

There is a very important blog that John MacArthur posted recently concerning the current crisis facing our way of life, and I believe it is so important that I wanted to make it available to you.

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